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Tracking your symptoms with apps or on paper?

Do you track your symptoms and activity? I used to but fell out of the habit once I stopped improving and started sliding backwards in my recovery because it was, quite frankly, dispiriting to see I wasn’t doing as well … Continue reading

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Don’t watch TV, or ‘screen time’

I took a break from writing for the blog for a while. I also took a break from watching TV and from Twitter as part of a ‘screen time’ free week. When I was much more ill, I didn’t watch … Continue reading

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Nap mats

This morning I was looking for an organic cotton blanket for yoga (any suggestions?) when the internet showed me organic cotton nap mats instead. What a revelation! I never knew such things existed. If you didn’t either, let me tell … Continue reading

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The garden at night

The garden at night is surprisingly bright on a clear night. The streetlights cast an orange glow but the moon and stars illuminate the garden and the sky really is a midnight blue. Being awake in the night isn’t all … Continue reading

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Mattress shopping

I was feeling well enough to go mattress shopping. How tiring could it be go out and lie down on beds? Quite tiring. After spending most of my time in bed, the mattress has assumed a greater importance in my … Continue reading

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Stay in bed, don’t go to work

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