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Set an intention for the day

A few times I’ve read about setting an intention for the day. It seems like we have one up on people who wake up with an alarm, roll out of bed, rush to get dressed, drink coffee and get to … Continue reading

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Washing or ‘how long have you been wearing those pyjamas?’

Does your clothesline just feature pyjamas, tracksuit pants, t-shirts and underwear? I wrote about my favourite things to wear these days. The upside is that at least I don’t have a dry cleaning or shoe repair bill any more! And nothing I … Continue reading

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Keep your eyes on the prize

Last night I was watching a former prime minister speak and take questions from the audience. The questions mostly came from young women asking for advice. I forget what the question was but Julia Gillard’s answer was “keep your eyes … Continue reading

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Pacing and getting the most out of your day

How do you know when you have done enough without doing too much? A sports doctor gave me very useful advice: take your resting heart rate first thing every morning.  After a week or so, look at the figures and … Continue reading

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