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Rhodiola and vitamin B worked well for me – an unintended experiment

I read Rhodiola helps with fatigue and boosts energy so I specifically bought multi Vitamin B supplements with Rhodiola and took them without any immediate noticeable improvement or problem. I chose Rhodiola because: Rhodiola is … said to fight fatigue , enhance mental … Continue reading

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Yesterday I had a kinesiology session for the first time. I tried it, in part because I was offered a free session from someone in training and in part because I’m keen to try anything that might help my myalgic … Continue reading

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Set an intention for the day

A few times I’ve read about setting an intention for the day. It seems like we have one up on people who wake up with an alarm, roll out of bed, rush to get dressed, drink coffee and get to … Continue reading

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It is probably appropriate that this post about drinking water comes after my post about massage. I have a big glass of water before I go, stop halfway through for the massage therapist to give me some water, then two … Continue reading

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Massage – a luxury or a necessity?

Massage, like yoga and meditation, is one of the things that makes me feel a lot better. I have one nearly once a week. My muscles feel so much better, I feel limber and often more energetic. (I feel like … Continue reading

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