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Vitamin B12 injections

Months ago I investigated Vitamin B12 injections, after re-reading Dr Myhill’s rationale for using Vitamin B12 injections. I’d broached the topic with my doctor ages ago and he said I wasn’t deficient¬†in Vitamin B so I didn’t pursue it back … Continue reading

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Dry body brushing

One good method of detoxing is dry body brushing. Take a natural, firm-bristled brush and brush your skin upwards or inwards in the direction of your heart, gently and in circular motions. Stay away from gentle skin on the decolletage … Continue reading

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Wants and desires – heated throw rug

I held off getting a heated throw rug for a long time but finally have one and I’m so glad I do. ¬†Heat packs and hot water bottles are great and there is no way I’m throwing them out, but … Continue reading

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Hell is shopping centres

Remember shopping centres? Ever want to go on one again? No, me either. First problem is leaving the house. If it’s a good day and I can go out, I don’t want to waste it on a shopping centre, I … Continue reading

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Pets as therapy

Are you at home alone all day or do you have a pet? Right now there is someone snoring in my bedroom and its not me. It is the reassuring little snuffling snore of an old dog. One of the … Continue reading

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