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Colonic hydrotherapy for constipation with ME

You might not want to read this, I’m not sure I even wanted to write this! Please don’t write me off as a nutbag for even mentioning it. Firstly, there is no scientific evidence for colonic hydrotherapy. (Not that scientific … Continue reading

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Don’t watch TV, or ‘screen time’

I took a break from writing for the blog for a while. I also took a break from watching TV and from Twitter as part of a ‘screen time’ free week. When I was much more ill, I didn’t watch … Continue reading

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Makeup tips for those of us with a chronic illness

Ha ha, just joking. Can you imagine wearing makeup? My mascara has long been clumpy and my foundation probably separated. Do you wear makeup? If so, I’m impressed. Do you think it makes you look better than you feel? I … Continue reading

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