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Staying with friends, more travel advice

I’ve just returned from staying with a dear old friend. They know about myalgic encephalomyelitis¬†so they were very understanding and I really appreciated their kindness. Going to bed at 7.30pm and needing morning and afternoon naps isn’t most people’s idea … Continue reading

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Self-help, or self-blame, books?

I have read a lot of books about chronic fatigue syndrome, myalgic encephalomyelitis, fibromyalgia and generally on holistic health. Some of them were inspiring, some of them made little sense and some just blamed the ill health on the behaviour … Continue reading

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It is probably appropriate that this post about drinking water comes after my post about massage. I have a big glass of water before I go, stop halfway through for the massage therapist to give me some water, then two … Continue reading

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How to help when other people ask for help

It might seem strange to you that people either ask you for help or expect you to help with physical tasks. ¬†Or it might not seem strange because it’s happened to you as well. Has it? Cooking, cleaning, running errands, … Continue reading

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Keep your eyes on the prize

Last night I was watching a former prime minister speak and take questions from the audience. The questions mostly came from young women asking for advice. I forget what the question was but Julia Gillard’s answer was “keep your eyes … Continue reading

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