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Massage and infra-red sauna – together

Today I have had an infra-red sauna, followed by a 45 minute back, shoulder and arm massage. Blissful.  I’ve written before (well, half a post, I accidentally deleted the other half and was too crook to re-write) about infra-red sauna. … Continue reading

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Body scrub and detox wrap

Firstly, I’m doing well at the moment so I really enjoyed this treatment.  Early on in my illness, I had a hydrotherapy spa, exfoliation and mud wrap which left me feeling really sick for days, so be careful the first … Continue reading

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Massage – a luxury or a necessity?

Massage, like yoga and meditation, is one of the things that makes me feel a lot better. I have one nearly once a week. My muscles feel so much better, I feel limber and often more energetic. (I feel like … Continue reading

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The bath, for painful days

Imagine huge bath with a beautiful view out across a garden, to a lake with a backdrop of spectacular mountains. I wish I had one like that, or even one outside for hot days. Oooh, and that it had spa … Continue reading

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