Rhodiola and vitamin B worked well for me – an unintended experiment

I read Rhodiola helps with fatigue and boosts energy so I specifically bought multi Vitamin B supplements with Rhodiola and took them without any immediate noticeable improvement or problem. I chose Rhodiola because:

Rhodiola is … said to fight fatigue , enhance mental function , increase general wellness , improve sports performance. A few double-blind studies involving a single proprietary product support the first two of these uses, finding that the use of this particular rhodiola extract by people in stressful, fatiguing circumstances may help maintain normal mental function. (info from NYU Lagone Medical Centre)

When my usual brand of Vitamin B supplements with Rhodiola was out of stock, I tried a new brand without it. I still seemed to get some benefit from them, however I also purchased a new brand which had Rhodiola in them and had both bottles open at the same time. Sometimes I took the one with Rhodiola and sometimes without. An unintended scientific experiment (well, maybe not scientific!) on myself. Turns out I noticed that the ones with Rhodiola do make a difference to my day. I was really pleased to notice that, it feels like one more tiny thing I can do to feel less fatigued and have more energy!

Have you made interesting discoveries about supplements you take? What supplements help you the most?

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