Massage and infra-red sauna – together

Today I have had an infra-red sauna, followed by a 45 minute back, shoulder and arm massage. Blissful.  I’ve written before (well, half a post, I accidentally deleted the other half and was too crook to re-write) about infra-red sauna.

Dr Myhill had mentioned them so I first tried it four months ago and now I’m saving up to buy my own. The first time I had one, I came home for a shower afterwards and felt 100% for about 20 minutes! It was amazing, I was in the shower and shocked at how good I felt. The next time I had a sauna, I felt 80% for about an hour, pretty great. Of course I went back for more. This time I felt about 50% for a day and a half after the sauna (by comparison I usually feel 30%, or 40% on a good day.

The first times I had a massage first, then a sauna, which is an added bonus. I’ve tried a couple of different brands of saunas and have to say I think Sunlighten ones work best for me. I bought a bundle of sessions on Groupon at a place close to home, but the effect wasn’t the same.

It is also better to have a shower straight after. That is the beauty of the place I went to today. They have a lovely two-person sized Sunlighten sauna so I can lie down with my legs up (in the yoga pose viparita karani) and rest, then I step into a shower just outside the sauna. I don’t have to get dressed, just wrap a towel around and head into the massage room.

I don’t get the same boost anymore, it has evened out to feeling a little better afterwards and it slowly tapering off.

As far as massage then sauna, or sauna then massage, after experiencing both – sauna first! Even if you don’t combine it with a massage, I still like it, just take a few minutes before heading home to relax.

I usually have a massage once a week for muscle aches and it is easier to combine it with a sauna instead of having to head out for two appointments a week.

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5 Responses to Massage and infra-red sauna – together

  1. Oh I’m jealous. The massage sauna combination sounds utterly blissful. I know what you mean about the positive effect tapering off. I found that with cranial osteopathy. Felt amazing for an hour or so the first time, second time not quite so good nor for as long. And third time it gave me a migraine and I never went again! Hope you continue to have positive effects from the infra red sauna.

  2. Moongazer says:

    The rheumatologist who confirmed my diagnosis recommended infra-red sauna. But when i phoned to make an appointment I was told I couldn’t use it because I am asthmatic 😦

    • That is no good, I would have thought your rheumatologist would know whether it is safe or not. I’ve noticed there is a big difference between places: one put me in a sauna without any paperwork whatsever (didn’t even know my surname) but other places I had to have a short appointment with a naturopath or fill out long disclaimers first.

  3. Moongazer says:

    I was bitterly disappointed because it happened while I was still working and not only was I absolutely determined to stay working full time, my company had this amazing health plan that cost us a few pounds a month to contribute to, which covered complimentary therapies! I was given a hand held infra red treatment thing but the damn thing was too heavy for me lol. I suspect tho that without you sweating out the toxins via the sauna part, infra red by itself wouldn’t be much use anyway.

    The rheumatologist I saw (I actually requested him as Fibromyalgia is his speciality) was soooo “bored” during the appt. As if he would much rather be doing something else. He gave his diagnosis and discharged me! The NHS is both a blessing and a curse I guess lol.

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