Colonic hydrotherapy for constipation with ME

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You might not want to read this, I’m not sure I even wanted to write this! Please don’t write me off as a nutbag for even mentioning it.

Firstly, there is no scientific evidence for colonic hydrotherapy. (Not that scientific evidence has done much for treating ME so far!). A friend had raved it about and it seems to be on the to-do list of every holistic retreat I’ve looked at.

I had been uncomfortably bloated and constipated for more than a week. Large doses of vitamin C helped a little, I was already drinking plenty of water and eating fresh fruit and vegetables and laxatives gave me awful cramps. I was also afraid of taking any more painkillers while I was already so constipated as codeine make its worse.

So I gave colonic hydrotherapy, or colonic irrigation, a go. I chose a place that a friend recommended and it was very clean. The staff were reassuring and thorough in explaining how to use the equipment, a Libbe brand ‘open’ system, which means there is a clear tube so you can see the waste matter. I was left alone and in charge of the water flow, which was a gentle gravity-pressure flow. I’d read in some places they stay and massage your stomach, which I did not want!

It wasn’t uncomfortable and I did get rid of a lot of waste. I felt fine immediately after, plus they gave me an electrolyte drink and probiotic and let me sit in the lounge for a little while and rest.

When I got home I was wiped-out tired and went straight to sleep. I was also tired for the following two days but my abdomen was much more comfortable.

I would rather not have had one, but it helped with the constipation and in the week following my bowels have been fine. I wouldn’t recommend it ‘just because’, as there are risks associated with it.

Have you tried it? Or thought about it? What do you think?


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One Response to Colonic hydrotherapy for constipation with ME

  1. Great post! I had a very similar experience when I tried colonic hydrotherapy a couple of years ago. I too had gotten pretty desperate with how bloated, constipated and uncomfortable I was. The treatment helped my abdomen but left exhausted and wiped out with ME symptoms for a week nearly. It’s so frustrating that with ME it’s always about weighing up the consequences against the benefits.

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