Dr Chia’s Equilibrant

Two weeks ago I started takingDr Chia’s Equilibrant.  I read that it can sometimes cause a flare-up of symptoms so I didn’t want to take it while I was increasing (or trying to maintain) my hours at work. Silly, I know, I should put my health first.  Now that I’ve lost my job I am putting my health first and feel the freedom to try things that might make me worse for a little while.

Dr Chia believes that enteroviruses can cause myalgic encephalomyelitis (he refers to it as chronic fatigue syndrome) and his son improved after taking a Chinese herb, Oxymatrine. He created his own tablets including herbs and vitamins – Equilibrant.

Firstly I took Dr Chia’s published study about chronic fatigue syndrome and enteroviruses, along with information about Equilibrant to my doctor, and asked his opinion. He said there was no harm in trying (and he’s usually a downer about most things).

The idea that the herbs are anti-viral and, according to research, have a 52 per cent chance of improving my health.

It was shipped easily from the US to Australia.

I started on one tablet a day and noticed increased dizziness (mild). One fortnight in, I haven’t noticed an improvement in symptoms but I still have the dizziness so I haven’t increased the dosage yet. I’ll keep you posted.

Have you tried, or thought about taking, Equilibrant? What do you think of Dr Chia?


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