It has been a while, how are you?

Four months since you have heard from me, mostly because I haven’t been well. For around the last six months, I seem to have been sliding backwards.  I was getting better, very slowly, between around 5 months and 2 years into this illness. At the moment, I’m back where I was 18 months into it. It sucks not to be as well I was and frustrating not to know why.


You know how there are things that make you feel better? Escaping to a health retreat where everything is done for you, one-on-one yoga classes, eating your favourite fruits…all the tricks you pull out when things aren’t going well. None of them worked this time. It was dispiriting to go to the health retreat and not manage activities (or even handle sitting in a noisy dining room) that I could do six months ago.

All I can do is be kind to myself and keep up with the things I know are good for me. Although I slipped with my diet, ate cheese, toast and chips (comfort food) which I know don’t agree with me and am paying the price now with awful constipation!

OK. I’ve said enough today. How are you? I’m interested to hear how you are going.


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