Don’t watch TV, or ‘screen time’

I took a break from writing for the blog for a while. I also took a break from watching TV and from Twitter as part of a ‘screen time’ free week.

When I was much more ill, I didn’t watch TV because the movement, brightness and noise was too much for me. I still find it tiring but also unhealthily absorbing. My partner puts the TV on when he comes home from work and we watch the news then usually a program or two together. I was finding the news upsetting and depressing so first I gave up that first, plus I felt like watching TV was a waste of time, so I quit it.

I highly recommend it. Having limited energy, I prefer to be using it (physical activity, writing for the blog, paperwork or work) or resting properly so I’m restoring my energy (sleeping, lying quietly resting or meditating). Watching TV is a weird limbo-land where I don’t gain really anything from doing it but it doesn’t replenish my energy.

Now I will watch a program (usually streamed so I watch it at a time that suits me, rather than the TV schedule dictating my life), sitting down with my partner so it is something we do together intentionally. We watch comedies, I don’t watch anything suspenseful as I find it a much more stressful that I used to. Does that sound strange to you, or do you understand what I mean?

I missed Twitter though! It was an interesting experiment and I realise how much time I am on Twitter, so I’ve cut that time back because my partner reminded me that I should be resting instead of ‘screen time’…where I go to have a nap but sneak my phone in and browse Twitter instead. Anyone else do that?

So from now on I’m watching much less TV because I know this will help me recover faster. Having a chronic illness can be chronically boring but TV is not the answer for me. Does that make any sense to you?  How do you feel about TV?

We could all do with watching a little less TV, it reminds me of Michael Franti’s band, the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy…


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3 Responses to Don’t watch TV, or ‘screen time’

  1. Megan says:

    I can’t watch anything with suspense or drama because I get really hyped up, so I totally get what you’re saying there 🙂

  2. Yes, ABC’s Dr Blake is about as dramatic or suspenseful as it gets these days!

  3. I spent several years unable to watch tv at all. Recently though I’ve been watching too much tv in an evening as it seems easier than doing other things. Like you say though it’s neither restful nor productive so I am trying to be much more intentional about my tv watching – only watching programmes I especially want to see, not watching out of habit even when there’s nothing worthwhile on. I find tv box sets really helpful for this as I can watch a single episode at a time that best suits me without having to sit through adverts and can pause or rewind whenever I need to.

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