Body scrub and detox wrap

Firstly, I’m doing well at the moment so I really enjoyed this treatment.  Early on in my illness, I had a hydrotherapy spa, exfoliation and mud wrap which left me feeling really sick for days, so be careful the first time you have one of these treatments. That time, the therapist was very gentle with me, knew about fibromyalgia (which is what I’d been diagnosed with, although now I think the pain is one of the symptoms of ME). I felt great during and straight afterwards but suffered for a few days, which left me scared to try this again.

This week’s treatment was at my local beauty school, where I also get massages. It is much cheaper than a day spa and they have a great cancellation policy for the days when I know I won’t be able to leave the house (you understand that one!).

The treatment takes an hour and begins with the therapist massaging oil with grains of salt over the skin to exfoliate me, then wiping down with a warm, wet towel. This salt scrub is gentle and quite relaxing, as I can lie down on the treatment table.  She then paints on the seaweed wrap, which is mean to detoxify as well as provide beneficial minerals to the skin. I can’t vouch for the veracity of these claims but my skin feels amazing and I’m thirsty – usually a sign of detoxing for me.  But back to the wrap. The therapist paints it on with big paintbrush, which made me laugh, and it doesn’t really have a smell (hurray for those of us with sensitivities to smell!). She then left my covering towel on, wrapped a plastic sheet, then an insulating foil blanket around me, then a heavy cotton blanket as well, so I was comfortably warm in there. After 20 minutes – which went by pretty quickly, I think I went to sleep – she unwrapped me and sent me off to the showers to wash it off.

It came off easily with the help of a face washer, or flannel or whatever you call them and I”m not sure if the student therapist was meant to give me extra moisturiser for after the shower or not, but my skin feels soft and smooth without it. Overall, the body scrub and ‘hydro-recovery’ wrap was quite relaxing, didn’t tire me out too much and I might plan another one in a few months, in place of a regular weekly massage.

A couple of days ago I had juiced up big time (a lot of work to clean the juicer so I do a couple of days worth at a time) and had a glass jar full of pineapple, pear, apple, mint and orange juice after I arrived home. Yum!

While the therapeutic claims might not be proven, taking time and spending energy on enjoyable, relaxing treatments like this one helps my recovery, one of the things I can do to be kind to myself.

There is also an easy way to treat yourself at home too, I’ll write about my day-spa-at-home therapies in another post if you are interested?


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