Nap mats

This morning I was looking for an organic cotton blanket for yoga (any suggestions?) when the internet showed me organic cotton nap mats instead. What a revelation! I never knew such things existed. If you didn’t either, let me tell you about them. They are like a little foldable swag with an inbuilt pillow that you can unfold, then lie down and nap on. So far I’ve only seen them in kindergarten sizes but I’m seriously considering getting on made in my size (plus a little room for a furry friend perhaps!) for naps and meditation on the days I am in the office or out somewhere.  Unlike a yoga mat that you rollup, the side that has been on the floor doesn’t touch the side you lie on, it concertina folds up.  If you are crafty you could probably make yourself one!

Did you know about these and ever thought about getting one?


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