Dry body brushing

One good method of detoxing is dry body brushing. Take a natural, firm-bristled brush and brush your skin upwards or inwards in the direction of your heart, gently and in circular motions. Stay away from gentle skin on the decolletage and face. Starting at your feet, work your way up. I pay special attention to the lymph nodes at the top of the thighs and underarms.

Dry body brushing helps stimulate the lymphatic drainage system – I do a few other things like massage and trampolining to help with this as I know it makes me feel better. Brushing also helps my circulation which, I know from my perpetually cold feet, could use a little help. Apparently it also helps with cellulite, the least of my worries but that is what I’d bought the brush for originally years ago.

I do it just before I get in the shower and it does take a little bit of energy and balance so I must admit I don’t do it every day, but it is easier when the weather is warmer.

All the little things, like dry body brushing, drinking lots of water, taking supplements, eating well, getting some sunshine and meditation, all help a little bit and it adds up. Look after yourself xx

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1 Response to Dry body brushing

  1. I do this, too — it takes about 30 seconds a day and for the potential benefits, that’s totally worth it to me!

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