The heat

How do you cope with the heat? Do you like it or prefer it cool?

Here, it is mid-summer and we’ve had some hot days, above 40 degrees celsius, and are due for a few more. I like the warmth and feel more relaxed and comfortable in the heat. It doesn’t tire me out as much as I thought it would but I do need to do things differently. Here is what I do:

Break up the day differently to take advantage of the cooler temperatures 

I get up earlier so I can do thing in the cool of the morning, like gardening, watering, picking fruit, hang out washing and housework. It is light from about 5.30am so I do some activities in the morning, enjoy breakfast outside in the sunshine, then close the windows to keep the house cool. After getting up early, I have a sleep late morning before lunch, then perhaps another siesta around 2 or 3pm.

Make appointments for early in the morning. Today I met a friend at 9.30am so I could be home by 11am (in time for my late morning nap!).

Eat cooling food

I pretty much included this heading so I could write about eating watermelon. Watermelon is the best hot weather food! And yesterday we ate a delicious pineapple that was perfectly ripe, so good. Eat all the in-season tropical fruit! Yum.

I also find it much easier to make meals in hot weather, just pull some organic salad ingredients out of the fridge, adding other delicious things like chickpeas, pine nuts, lentils, ham, smoked salmon or cold chicken. Or tip some ice, a banana, a mango, some frozen berries, peaches or whatever fruit is around and make a smoothie. No cooking, hurray!

Drink up

Drinking water is always important, it just takes on added importance in hot weather. I make a jug of water with slices of orange, lime and sprigs of mint – delicious! I don’t drink caffeine, alcohol or sugary drinks but neither do you probably, we know they are no good for us.

Use the heat to do more yoga poses

Since my body is already warm and relaxed, I can spend more time in some of the deeper yoga poses.


Hot weather is perfect for spending time in the pool, floating about enjoying ourselves. I wish I had my own pool, but the local one isn’t too busy in the evenings.

Move slowly and stay out of the hot weather

I stay indoors in the hottest parts of the day, reading or working,  and leave all the physical activities for cooler times of the day. I can’t imagine any of us rushing around, but for really hot spells, I borrow some good books and TV series from the library. I did have to go out on a hot day recently but taking a drink bottle with me and wearing long sleeves to keep the sun off (the sun coming in even through the car windows was hot).

Enjoy your summer wardrobe

A cool cotton t-shirt (or my favourite – a t-shirt dress) or blouse, a skirt or pair of shorts and a pair of thongs and I’m dressed! No need to wear thick socks and a daggy dressing gown, or wearing five layers to go out to make sure I’m warm enough. I love not having to wear so many clothes.

How about you?


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4 Responses to The heat

  1. I love the heat, have lived in south Florida for 33 yrs and I’m not leaving anytime soon 😉 That said, I don’t think I could handle the type of heat you’re talking about….40 degrees celsius? NO WAY, lol! Great suggestions for coping, hope you can stay cool!

  2. Megan S says:

    Stay inside where it’s cool as much as possible! I love warmth, but heat like we’ve had lately doesn’t like me… It seems to increase my symptoms almost as much as cold though not to quite the same level of sensitivity.

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