Pyjamas as clothes or clothes as pyjamas

At the moment I’m finding I wear one t-shirt for 24 hours, changing when I have a shower at about 4 or 5pm most days. By then, it is too late in the day to think about getting dressed in day clothes, since I’ll be back in bed within three or four hours, so I get back into clothes comfortable enough to sleep in. Changing clothes takes energy I sometimes don’t have after dinner, is that a familiar feeling?

It is summer here, so after wearing clothes for 24 hours they are usually a little smelly, so I get into a fresh t-shirt and pair of shorts, pyjama pants or tracksuit pants but it is too hot to sleep in anything but a t-shirt at the moment. It is the middle of summer here.

My favourite t-shirts are from Sosume, I’ve written about them before, the modal is so soft and comfortable. Along with the myalgic encephalomyelitis came allodynia, or really sensitive skin where most clothes were uncomfortable but these are gold, I love them so much.

Now, I feel like we are close enough friends that we can talk about underwear. Bras are not my friend because I find them so uncomfortable now, but if people are going to see me, I wear cotton bra tops from Blessed Earth. They are on sale at the moment for $5 each (bargain, they are usually $35) in random sizes and colours, although be warned that the yoga bras run big, so maybe avoid them. They are comfortable enough to rest and nap in as well.

No affiliation with either company, I’m just recommending what works for me. Any tips from you I’d love to hear.

Footwear in summer isn’t complicated in summer, if I’m going outside or just into the garden. For about four or five months of the year it is a pair of thongs. Or flip-flops, if you are in the US. Or jandals, if you are in New Zealand. What do you call them in Canada and the UK?


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3 Responses to Pyjamas as clothes or clothes as pyjamas

  1. I know where your coming from, sometimes I never get my cloths on, I stay in my pj’s all day, unless I have to leave the house. its just to easy and comfortable to stay in them 🙂

  2. I wear lightweight tracksuit bottoms/leggings and plain t-shirts (anything without buttons, pockets, stiff collars etc) so I can go back to bed when I need to without getting changed but don’t feel embarrased when I answer the door that I’m still in pyjamas in the middle of the day. At the very least I tend to put a jumper on over my PJs so I ‘feel’ dressed as I struggle mentally with the idea of wearing pyjamas all day every day.

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