The pool

pool and palm trees, still water, Florida

Tranquil pool (photo from the Archives of American Gardens, Florida, 1930)

This evening the water in the pool was warm and the late rays of sunshine were slanting in, sparkling with invitation. I loved my swim tonight. Well, maybe ‘swim’ is overstating it, in the pool I float around, stretch out and enjoy feeling lighter and relaxed.

The pool, the bath and the trampoline are places where I feel lighter. Myalgic encephalomyelitis feels like it weighs heavily on me, slowing me down and tiring me out, so those are three places that provide respite from that feeling.

The evenings are lovely and quiet at the pool, tonight there was just half a dozen other people including a man whose gorgeous Labrador guide dog was snoozing, waiting for him by the pool.

During the week I’ve discovered a lovely lull in the early afternoon, after all the aquarobics and school swimming classes have finished and before the after school crowd arrives, just before 3pm to just after. It gives me twenty minutes without squealing and splashing for me to float around and enjoy myself.

It is tiring to get to the pool and I need to make sure I leave enough energy for getting out, dry and home which is sometimes tricky to gauge because I feel so much better in the pool. I’m getting better at it, but quite often I arrive home and have to stay in the car for a while till I can muster the energy to go inside!

How do you feel about the pool?


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3 Responses to The pool

  1. Love the pool or any body of water that I can swim or float in. Aches and pains seem to float away while I’m in the water, great post!

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