My Christmas deliveries

Are you ready for Christmas?

old pic of postman delivery christmas cardsI have written Christmas cards and posted them. It felt quite nice to sit and write cards to my lovely friends, seems easier in a way than talking to them or writing an email, because there is limited space so I don’t feel obliged to give too much of a status report on my health. I started writing them in November so it was easy to write a few at a time.

The postman is delivering all the presents I ordered! I love opening the packages, even though they aren’t presents for me (although i wish some were!).

I wrote about internet shopping before but I’ve discovered a new website for toys, Toy Galaxy. I don’t have my own children but I do love buying good presents for the ones in my life and next time I need presents I’ll be buying them from here. I’ll give you an update after Christmas on how the gifts were received! I included a few throw-backs from the 80’s that I enjoyed as a child so we’ll see how they fare with kids today (or whether I ended up playing with them on my own!).

How is your letterbox looking?


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