The blessed relief of heatpacks

It’s December and we are enjoying summer here in Australia but it has been a little cool lately. Not warm enough to put away my beloved heat packs.

When I get cold, I get stiff and sore. My shoulders, neck, back and feet get the coldest. Also, when I sit in the same position for too long I get stiff and sore. I spent 45 minutes wrapping presents; rolling out large swathes of wrapping paper, holding with one hand and reaching around for the sticky-tape with the other. This made me really sore as well. It seems ridiculous to me that wrapping presents should make me this sore.

I solve this with heatpacks, the kind you can pop in the microwave. I have three so I can have a long one across my shoulders, one with long strings (genius idea!) so I can tie it around myself so the heat pack sits on my lower back and a hot water bottle-shaped one for my perpetually cold feet.

I like how they have a little bit of weight to them so they don’t move around or slip off, without being annoyingly heavy.

They are also mandatory for when I have PMT. I have really painful periods and the heat packs really help. Once I desperately needed one and could find them, so I put dried lentils, split peas and barley (soup mix) into a pillowcase, tied a knot it and microwaved my improvised heat pack. Worked well!

So if you have chronic fatigue syndrome or ME and don’t already have a few, put them on your Christmas wishlist. Maybe if you are clever and crafty you can make your own and design a shape to suit you. I think I’d quite like a big, flat U-shaped one that comes around and ends on my chest.

How about you? How many do you already have and do you use them year round?

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