Set an intention for the day

A few times I’ve read about setting an intention for the day.

It seems like we have one up on people who wake up with an alarm, roll out of bed, rush to get dressed, drink coffee and get to work.

We wake up in the morning and we have time to think. Think about how we feel, what our bodies might be able to do today, what we might have to do, what we might have to cancel or postpone, if we need more sleep and if we can get back to sleep.

The medication that the doctor has given me helps me sleep better and when I wake up now it is usually morning. Waking up at 3am and thinking about the day only gives me the miseries, it has to be daytime.

I lie in bed, gathering strength and looking out at the green leaves and blue sky. I listen to the morning sounds, birds chirping, traffic building, coffee being made in the kitchen.  And I assess.

A Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner told me to assess my body when I wake up in the morning, stretch my arms and legs, see what is painful and what my body needs today. Part of the assessment is taking my heart rate.  That helps me determine how much I can do. If I feel good but have a high heart rate, I know just to enjoy feeling good and not to push it. If it is normal I know I have more energy to spend.

Now I know what I be capable of, I think about how I want to live my day. I’m not talking about going through a to-do list. I’m thinking about what will serve me well. Thinking about what sort of yoga postures my body feels like doing and what the rewards will be. If there is something bothering me, acknowledging my feelings and thinking about how to resolve it so it isn’t eating away at me. Thinking about if I need some friendship or solitude today. If I feel creative or just need to take it easy. Also listening to what my body needs, what sort of breakfast, what kind of herbal tea and the fuel it needs today. For me, it depends on the season and this time of year I feel like tropical fruits on cereal, like mangoes and bananas. For me, it is about setting the intention of regaining my health and helping my body heal.

Listening to my body makes a nice change from thinking about small things at the office and rushing off to work, my challenge is trying to keep that focus as I start working more.

A morning meditation is good too when I need help summoning energy and setting off into the day with positive intentions.

How do you start your day?


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7 Responses to Set an intention for the day

  1. I started mine with my first ever morning meditation! I think it will feature regularly. Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Listening to my body is probably the most important aspect of managing my day!

  3. I try to meditate or set an intention for my day- I would say I am succesful about 1/3 of the time, and the other 2/3 of the time I mostly wake up grumpy haha.

    Interesting about the heart rate! I will have to try that!

    • Its is understandable to wake up grumpy when you feel like someone woke you at 2am and beat you with a stick till 5am, sore all over and incredibly tired, so you are doing well to wake up not grumpy 1/3 of the time!

      Yes, try measuring your heart rate. Usually it is something used by athletes so they don’t over-train but it really has helped me get the most out the energy I have without overdoing it. Let me know how you go!

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