Voice recognition software

Hello comma how are you today question mark.

I have some new voice recognition software (Dragon, for those of you interested, but I have no affiliation with them) and it is terrific, much better than I thought it would be. I’m already used to saying punctuation out aloud and it doesn’t mind an Australian accent (most of the time). I don’t even have any hilarious examples of things it has misunderstood. It has captured me mumbling to myself, so I just need to learn not to think out aloud. Otherwise most of my work emails will be prefaced with:

oh no not another boring email about this 

A colleague has the software, for a repetitive strain injury and I heard him talking to himself in his office, complete with “full stop, new paragraph”. He gave me a demo and said it took him about five percent of the time it used to to write something. Now, I think that is an exaggeration but it is definitely much quicker.

This is not an excuse for spending more, or as much, time on the computer. It is an excuse for less!  I think pretty much all of us could do with spending less time on the computer. How do you go typing?

My eyes and my arms get tired, I make more typing mistakes than I used to. Sometimes I don’t realise them, so everything I write seems much sloppier than it used to, even though it has taken me three times as long to write.

I also get eye strain sitting in front of the computer too long, typing things out. Things lose focus and red blotches appear. Does this happen to you?

It’s mostly tired arms though. From my wrist up to my elbow gets tired, but having it massaged, and my hands massaged, makes it feel a lot better.

My friends can be expecting longer emails from me and you, my lovely blogging friends, can expect more coherent blog posts! But if it makes any funny mistakes, I’ll dictate a post about it…


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