Naps and brass bands

Today is the day I go to the office for a few hours each week. Not a whole day, but long enough for me to need a rest break.

I checked out the first aid room – fail. Firstly, it felt like a prison cell. It is in a long narrow room with bright glaring overhead lights, or complete blackness. Secondly, it was grotty. There was a grimy pillow, mattress with no sheet and some towels that looked like they needed to see a washing machine. Finally, it used to be photo developing room so not sure all those chemicals are good for me.

There are no couches in any private, or semi-private, areas or offices. Or even a comfortable chair where I could put my feet up in a quiet spot.  My desk isn’t even a good shape for rolling out a yoga mat underneath and having a sleep. (I must admit doing that once or twice before I became ill, using my exercise clothes as a pillow, very restorative.)

Having ruled out the anywhere in the building today, I went back to my car and reclined the seat, shut my eyes…then the brass band started up. I don’t work at a military academy or high school so I hadn’t anticipated that one! With no noise-cancelling headphones to hand, I just shut my eyes and rested.

metronaps_energypod_image_title_dhcbyOne of my colleagues suggested that we get a sleep pod, like the one pictured. Oh, how I want one! Hmm, I might start work on a business case…

There are also the ones in tubes but that looks like sleeping in a stormwater drain.

I’m sure I’ve seen these in movies and they have them at NASA and Google.

How do you manage to rest when you go out? Do you need to nap when you are at work? Any suggestions for me?


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5 Responses to Naps and brass bands

  1. Megan S says:

    I tend to find somewhere grassy on the sun to lie down if the weathers nice. Or like you lie in the car. At this stage I’m not working so haven’t had to manage rests at work yet.

  2. I was always asking for those nap pods or a nap room at my old workplace! Now, 2 years after I left there, they have opened a nap room. I tend to just lie on the floor on a yoga mat (or nothing) but in my new work place it is an ‘open office’ so I’m pretty out of options. I’m hoping to be able to work from home some days as it’s quite a laid back environment- so hopefully that will make things easier!

    • There is lots of evidence to show how effective people can be working from home, illnesses notwithstanding, so I’m sure you’ll make a good case for it. Good luck! We have a great network that I can log into from home, fast and no drop-outs on the connection, so its just as efficient as being in the office.

      Yes, you don’t want to lie on the floor if you are going to be a trip hazard! 😉

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