Staying with friends, more travel advice

I’ve just returned from staying with a dear old friend. They know about myalgic encephalomyelitis so they were very understanding and I really appreciated their kindness. Going to bed at 7.30pm and needing morning and afternoon naps isn’t most people’s idea of good company.

I was well-rested and all packed for the the trip, taking my own advice from my last post about travelling, there are just a few more minor things that I’ll think about before my next trip.

I didn’t request a wheelchair as I’m ok to walk around the terminal but the plane unloaded us onto the tarmac – no aerobridge – so there was walking down the stairs off the plane, across the windy tarmac,  then up the stairs into the airport. I was so slow but I made it. Next time, I’ll think about it.

When we arrived, my friend kindly took my grocery shopping so we could pick up things I could eat (I’m gluten and dairy free). You know how I feel about shopping but a girl has gotta eat. That is valuable holiday energy I’m spending! Next time, I’ll send my friend a list before I go so they can go shopping without me. Sounds presumptuous but either that or shop online and get it delivered to their house!

I wish I’d packed a water filter, a Brita filter jug or something similar. I’m used to drinking filtered water at home and the water up there had a bit of a taste to it so I didn’t drink as much as I should have and you know how much water you need to drink with myalgic encephalomyelitis. A lot (well, I do).

I’m glad I stayed behind one day and rested, it meant I had good days for the rest of the trip. I’m glad I packed clothes suitable for yoga, I did yoga in the late afternoon sun by the water and it was fantastic.

I also packed too many books, so maybe I’ll talk to Santa about an e-reader…


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2 Responses to Staying with friends, more travel advice

  1. Megan S says:

    I’m staying with family in 3 weeks and I think I’ll take on your pointers. I might talk to them about my diet before we go over. Ive already booked a wheelchair for the airports. Thanks!

  2. Good luck with the trip, take it easy and enjoy yourself! I look forward to reading your blog for tips after your trip 🙂

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