Bedbound. What would you invent?

Glasses especially designed for reading in bed.

Glasses especially designed for reading in bed.

Ok, this post is a little frivolous but we could all use a little frivolity now and then!

I found this great picture of a model demonstrating reading glasses that you can wear lying down – they must have mirrors in them that reflect the image down. I had a chuckle at this and then thought this would actually be quite handy. It does take effort to hold my head up but I do love reading.

Fortunately I’m stronger now, but for a while I found it difficult to sit propped up in bed and my arms were too tired to hold a book (so this device wouldn’t have worked for me then), even lying sideways. Instead of reading books, I would listen to audiobooks and podcasts of short stories.

Do you have a Kindle or an e-reader? Is it lighter and easier than a book? I’ve thought about it but seems too expensive for me at the moment, so I borrow paper ones from the library.

What do you think of this invention? What would you invent? Or have you invented something cool?


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3 Responses to Bedbound. What would you invent?

  1. Megan S says:

    I mainly listen to audio books at the moment because just can’t focus my eyes on the book and my arms get too sore holding it. But I do have an e-reader and they’re definitely easier, especially when traveling.

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