Washing or ‘how long have you been wearing those pyjamas?’

Does your clothesline just feature pyjamas, tracksuit pants, t-shirts and underwear? I wrote about my favourite things to wear these days. The upside is that at least I don’t have a dry cleaning or shoe repair bill any more! And nothing I wear needs ironing.

Washing line in Volendam

Washing line in Volendam (www.nationaalarchief.nl)

Ahh, washing your own clothes. I used to take it for granted. Now I have tactics to get the washing done:

Day one: take your washing to the washing machine.

Day two: put the washing machine on. Bonus points if you can time it to finish while a someone else is there to hang it out for you.

More challenging option: put the airer in a sunny spot close the laundry so you don’t have to go out to the clothesline or lift your arms up so high.

Day three to six: bring in the washing in stages. Bonus points if you can ask someone else to bring it in.

To finish: get back into freshly washed pyjamas and get into bed.

My luxury is that someone else changes the sheets and washes them for me, although I do pay for that luxury. Sometimes when my mum is around she irons my pillow cases for me, it is heavenly to get back into bed with fresh sun-dried flannelette pyjamas and smooth ironed pillowcases.

How do you manage doing your washing? Do you pace yourself or does someone do it for you?


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2 Responses to Washing or ‘how long have you been wearing those pyjamas?’

  1. Megan S says:

    I do a combination of both. I pace myself for most the clothes but E takes over if they pile up too much. And usually a family member or friends will help me with the bedding.

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