Vitamin D or sunshine

Amongst all the kind advice I’ve been offered by people who have, or know people with, chronic fatigue syndrome was the advice to get some sunshine.  Literal sunshine, although the metaphorical sunshine is also very valuable.

A little research, including some lovely reading about sun-gazing, shows vitamin D is pretty important and it was likely I wasn’t getting enough.  It only takes about 10 minutes for full body exposure for me to get enough vitamin D for the day, I’m trying to avoid skin damage so I cover up if I’m going to be outside for too much longer.

I love warming my feet in the sun though and my feet are a little tanned most of the year.

Here is temperate climate where I can sit outside most weeks of the year and my favourite time of the year is when it is cold in the mornings and evenings, but perfect at around 17 degrees at about 2pm in the afternoon.  At about 2pm, I roll out my yoga mat in a sheltered spot out of the wind in the garden and strip down to shorts and a singlet and do yoga. The sun salutations take on extra meaning when you really are saluting the sun and revelling in its warmth and goodness.  The sun feels lovely on the skin, especially after being rugged up in so many layers the rest of the time.  I also appreciate being outside and enjoying it while most of the city is indoors, missing it, and only experiencing the frosty mornings and cold nights.  C’mon, there has to be an upside to being too ill to go to work!

mahogany tree in the sunlight

mahogany tree in the sunlight (U.S. National Archives)

In summer, late afternoon sunshine slanting through the trees is delightful. It is so pretty to be outside, after the heat of the sun has diminished and the sun is taking its time setting.

I like being able to do something for myself instead of having to take another vitamin tablet. My favourite way of supplementing magnesium is by soaking in a bath with Epsom  salts. While I’d prefer to get everything I need from nature or soaking in a bath, I do realise I need to take supplements, including vitamin C, E and antioxidants amongst others.

Do you live somewhere with long cold winters? Do you get enough sunshine?


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5 Responses to Vitamin D or sunshine

  1. I’ve always had more energy in the summer when the days are nice and long and the sun is stronger. Winter always feels like I’m ready for a hibernation…

  2. It’s so nice that you are able to get enough vitamin D from the sunshine. It’s much more enjoyable that way! I agree, it truly lovely to do yoga outdoors 🙂

    I enjoy your posts since I can relate, having CFS myself. Since I like them so much, I’ve added you to my list of nominees for the Liebster award. You can view this link to learn more
    There is no obligation, I understand how difficult it can be to respond to such invitations when you are not feeling well. Just a form of recognition!

    I hope you have a lovely day! Take care,

    • Hello Rachel,
      Thank you for the lovely comment and nomination.
      Coming and reading comments from people who enjoy my blog has made my day better 🙂
      I’m looking forward to reading your blog, writing is quite therapeutic isn’t it?

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