Home delivered (fruit & veg)

Grocery shopping sucks. But we need to eat.

The horrible piped music, glaring lights, pushing a trolley around, lots of forbidden food, checkout queues…that is even before we have to carry everything to the car and get home into the fridge and cupboards. Nup. I’ve written about shopping centres before and how much I hate them.

Look, I don’t think I’ve talked you out of grocery shopping. It might be something you can’t even do. I went a year without it and I’d be happy never to do it again.

The solution is the internet. Order it online and get it delivered. I have a weekly standing order of mixed seasonal fruit and vegetables. The fruit and vegetables come in an insulated box so I can unpack them when I’m ready or in stages throughout the day. Pacing in action!

It means there is always have healthy food in the house and I am not tempted into eating something that I’ll regret later. I’m on a gluten-free and dairy-free diet so no snacking on biscuits or toast or cheese for me. Hello banana! If I haven’t eaten the fruit and vegetables and they are starting to pile up, I juice them and keep the left-over juice in glass jars in the fridge for later. Once I made a smoothy but I hadn’t rinsed the spinach enough and there were gritty bits in the smoothy, gross!

The fruit and vegetables I get delivered are organic and it is worth it. A study  was done that showed organic fruit and vegetables contain higher levels of nutrients than conventional. Not to mention we can do without the added pesticides and herbicides as our bodies have enough difficulty detoxing as it is.

The supplier deals directly with the growers and I just get a mixed box of whatever is in season so it is fresh, good value and lasts a surprisingly long time.

What is your solution to feeding yourself?


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3 Responses to Home delivered (fruit & veg)

  1. I am one of those strange people who likes grocery shopping- but I HATE having to carry the groceries back home! Online shopping is definitely a good solution- especially in the winter!

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