The outdoor couch

The weather is getting warmer and I’m looking forward to spending more time outside.

A few years ago, an outdoor couch arrived in the garden and it is lovely. I can sit outside in the fresh air, get some sunshiny vitamin D, listen to the birds, look at the trees and flowers and relax. I find the fresh air helps with the brain fog and the sun on my skin seems to help relax my muscles. Lying outside on the couch with my feet in the sun feels like it is doing me much more good than lying inside and doesn’t take up valuable energy or cost anything!

The couch had been around for a few years before I became ill and I didn’t spend much time on it. If I was outside then I was gardening, playing with the dogs, hanging out the washing or sitting at the outdoor table eating and drinking.  Now it has become one of my favourite spots outside.

It has a comfortable cushion and I take other pillows outside with me so I can lie down on the couch or prop myself up comfortably and read a book.  It makes a change from lying in bed and on the inside couch, where sometimes I’m tempted to muck around on the internet or watching TV instead of resting properly. The glare outside makes it a bit too awkward to use the laptop outside and there are so many things I notice outside, I become easily distracted, in a good way!

Tiny birds chirp in the bushes, pretty flowers bloom, sometimes the breeze carries the scent of lilac or roses, parrots splash about bathing in the pond, frogs croaking, lizards rustle in the grass and sometimes come out to sun themselves, it is gorgeous and interesting out there. In fact I think I’ll make a cup of tea and go out now.

Do you have a comfortable spot outside?


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writing from home with my feet up
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