Bounce back

In another life, I would like to be an acrobat or a trapeze artist. Even though I’m fully-grown, I love a trampoline. I visit friends and craftily offer to play with their children and under that guise I jump on their enormous, bouncy trampolines. They are also beautiful to lay on to look up at the sky.

Mine isn’t big enough to lie on however. The bonus is that it is small enough to keep in the house so I can use it all year round.  I put on some loud music and jump on it for a minute or two at a time.

Bouncing is good for your lymphatic drainage system and for helping reduce period pain, or at least so I’ve read. It is good for strength, balance and coordination but still easy. I can feel my muscles working and it gets my heart rate up a little but it isn’t a huge amount of work. I do it more for fun than for exercise, although I always write it on my activity chart. It gets me breathing a little more and feels like it is doing my body some good, it gives me a lift.

Do what you love, I say.


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