Mattress shopping

I was feeling well enough to go mattress shopping. How tiring could it be go out and lie down on beds? Quite tiring.

After spending most of my time in bed, the mattress has assumed a greater importance in my life than it ever has before. The old bed had served me well and it was time for a new one.

I’d read lots of horror stories about off-gassing mattresses, expensive new mattresses that turned lumpy straight away or made you too hot and sweaty and was worried about making the right decision.

I researched the options, a Choice magazine mattress buying guide (and more info in the consumer survey here) was informative and helpful. It did say to take your preferred pillow, although I forgot, and take your time, oh I did that!

A latex mattress seemed the best choice and its has been good so far.  A woollen underlay keeps me cosy in winter and it is reversible for summer so I’m comfortable and not as cosy! I have different arrangements of pillows for sleeping, reading, watching tv, using the computer, meditating and looking out the window. Sometimes my mum irons my pillowcases for me and they are lovely and smooth and even smell good.

How is your bed?


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