Do the robot

I have a pet robot. He vacuums and everyone seems interested to know about it him so I’ll tell you about him.  I’ve assigned him a gender, I don’t know why, it seemed more polite to refer to him as ‘him’ instead of ‘it’ especially as he’s doing the vacuuming.

Ordinary vacuuming is one thing I just can’t do anymore. The vacuum cleaner is too heavy, too noisy, requires bending down to plug in and it simply takes too much energy. Who does like vacuuming anyway? It sucks, ki ki ki.

When I have visitors and even though I know I have more important things to worry about and my friends probably don’t care, I’m still worried about all the dog fur on the floor. The robot vacuum is brought out!

The robot vacuum cleaner is quieter and I can set him running and go into another room while he cleans. He requires emptying more often than the other vacuum cleaner but he’s easy to empty.

Sometimes he gets tangled in power cords and he doesn’t do as good a job as a big one but when he’s free, he takes himself back to the charging station when he’s low on juice. He even comes with a remote control.

I wish he could make a pot of tea.


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