Footwear (yes, slippers count)

How good is sheepskin?  Even before I became ill I liked to buy lambswool innersoles for some of my favourite shoes. So cosy and comfortable! I buy my shoes a little bit big so there is room for them.

These days, I wear slippers in and out of the house. Thank goodness that ‘Prince Albert’ slipper-style shoes were in (well, I think they were last year) and I can wear them in public. Ballet flats are easy to slip on but don’t keep my feet warm enough. Boots are good to wear but it is much easier to wear shoes I can slip on and off without bending over.

The boxes of beautiful high heeled shoes grow dustier but I can’t bear to give them away.

At home, I have a couple of pairs of ugg boots (in Australia, this means any kind of sheepskin boot, usually only worn at home, not a brand). It means I never have to look too hard to find a pair!

I’ve read that some people find relief from their fibromyalgia by wearing magnetic innersoles and I have thought about trying them, have you?


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