It is probably appropriate that this post about drinking water comes after my post about massage. I have a big glass of water before I go, stop halfway through for the massage therapist to give me some water, then two glasses afterwards and another couple once I get home.

Myalgic encephalomyelitis makes me thirsty, I’m drinking so much more water than I ever used to. Apparently it is pretty common and I’ve checked it out with my doctor to make sure it wasn’t something else. So if I’m getting the message from my body, I’d better listen.

A Chinese traditional medicine practitioner told me that warm water is easier on the body because it takes energy for the body to bring up the temperature of cold water. That makes sense to me and I drink cups of hot water as well as glasses of room temperature water. I need all the energy I can.

Filtered tap water is the best (plus I’m against bottled water for environmental reasons) and while I like the idea of sparkling mineral water, my body is more comfortable with flat tap water. Maybe with slice of lemon, lime or even orange. The good thing is that it is free, on tap and good for me, better than being hungry.

I’m going to get a a drink now.


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