Massage – a luxury or a necessity?

Massage, like yoga and meditation, is one of the things that makes me feel a lot better. I have one nearly once a week. My muscles feel so much better, I feel limber and often more energetic. (I feel like saying ‘more energetic’ sounds like I have energy to begin with, ‘some energetic’ is more accurate!)

When I was first well enough to leave the house, I found the local beauty school had cheap massages and no cancellation policy, so if I wasn’t well enough to go then I didn’t have to pay a cancellation fee. (Most places around here charge 50% if you don’t show up.)  You know what it is like when you are hesitant to commit to something if you aren’t sure you can make it?

Especially when I’m not moving my body myself, it feels good to have the blood circulating and helping my lymphatic system work. Studies show that massage prompts the release of endorphins and massage really makes me feel better. I even plan other excursions right after the massage, usually to the library, because I feel good. Stay away from shopping centres if you can though!

Because it is cheap I can afford to go more often and the students are gentle because it is about relaxation rather than having knots kneaded out. They also learn lymphatic drainage massage which is very gentle and delicate.

I have also been to beautiful day spa where the therapist knew about fibromyalgia and the massage didn’t feel too rough but the next three days I suffered terribly. Awful. I’m not sure what went wrong and maybe now I’m a little stronger I’d be ok, but I’m not willing to risk it again.

Now I see one of the graduates of the beauty school who is gentle, intuitive and gives amazing facial massages. She also keeps me well covered and the room warm because the cold seems to undo the goodness of massage.

Even having my back rubbed or my hands massaged is lovely so if you have someone to do that for you then you are lucky!


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4 Responses to Massage – a luxury or a necessity?

  1. I find it very helpful, especially if Ive been feeling particularly sluggish. In canada if you go to an RMT (registered massage therapist) it is covered by insurance so that’s a plus!

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