I’m a little teapot

I’m having a bad day, I’m sure you know what its like.

When things are this way, there is nothing I can do except look after myself. Cancel any plans, eat properly, make a pot of some thing herbal and take my teapot and myself back to bed. Wait it out, or sleep it out.  If I try and struggle through then I end up worse. Plus whatever falls victim to my cloudy, foggy memory. I spill things, break things…does this happen to you?

I have a lovely polka dot tea pot. So I take my tea and drink it in bed. I like lemongrass and fresh ginger at the moment. T2 make a lovely caffeine-free chai called ‘spi chai’ and The Tea Centre have a good choice of organic herbal things (and quick delivery). I like ‘ginger kiss’ and ‘fitness mix’, ha ha. There are a few things in my garden that make a nice brew: lemonbalm, lavender, rosepetals and mint.

I used to love a cup of proper tea but I’ve found that caffeine is a ‘loan shark’ for me and I can’t afford to borrow energy. I love the smell of coffee and miss it too.

So if you don’t already have a lovely little teapot, just for you, put it on your birthday or Christmas wish list. Or just buy yourself one you love (from somewhere that home delivers). It makes rough days a little better.

What do you like to drink? If you say double espressos or champagne then I’m going to be very jealous, so be kind!


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2 Responses to I’m a little teapot

  1. Madame Sloth says:

    First of all, nice to meet you. 🙂 I’ve only skimmed the surface of your blog, but I like what I see and have to follow you. Secondly, yes, my tea pot is one of my best friends since the onset of CFS. I can handle a wee bit of caffeine, so indulge in a daily brew of a mild Darjeeling tea. It doesn’t give me a caffeine jolt, just a temporary feeling of well-being that gives me the oomph to get a meal made, or some other small job accomplished. It also clears the brain fog for a bit, and that is such a fabulous feeling! I also love a rooibos chai, and other spicy herbals. I hope that you’re recovering from your bad day.

    • Hello Madame Sloth,
      Lovely to meet you too!
      Oh Darjeeling is delicious and delicate, I’ve heard it called ‘the Champagne of teas’ and quite like that description and agree with it.
      I’m pleased to say my bad day didn’t become a bad week, so relieved about that.

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