Wants and desires – heated throw rug

Heated throw rug from Peters of Kensington

Heated throw rug from Peters of Kensington

I held off getting a heated throw rug for a long time but finally have one and I’m so glad I do.  Heat packs and hot water bottles are great and there is no way I’m throwing them out, but this is good for keeping warm so all my muscles are a little more relaxed.

It helps with body aches and my constantly cold feet.

If I’m home by myself most of the day then it is more energy efficient than heating the house. Mine has a timer so I can set it to go off and automatically switches to a lower setting if it gets too warm, helpful if you fall asleep under it so you don’t wake up dehydrated. It is also machine washable, which is good. It is starting to get warmer here so, while I love it, I’m looking forward to washing it, putting it away for the summer and enjoying the warm weather.

How do you keep warm when its cold?


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