Hell is shopping centres

Remember shopping centres? Ever want to go on one again? No, me either.

First problem is leaving the house. If it’s a good day and I can go out, I don’t want to waste it on a shopping centre, I want to visit a friend, see something new and beautiful, enjoy myself.


Shopping centres are noisy, full of awful background muzak overlaid with music from individual shops, children screaming or people yelling at their children. Shopping centres do not bring out the best in people.

Shopping centres can smell weird (my nearest one seems to smell of formaldehyde) and require me to walk long distances.

What is in a shopping centre that you can’t buy online and get delivered to your house? Hardly anything.

Groceries can be ordered online and delivered. At my house I’m fortunate that someone else doesn’t mind grocery shopping, although I do get fruit and vegetables delivered weekly.  Click click, done.

Pharmacy? Online pharmacies are usually much cheaper too. There are two big ones in Australia and they both have a good range and prices. In my last order, they even included a little bonus present. Sounds much better than sitting around in a pharmacy with everyone else’s germs, waiting for your script to be filled.

Hard to source supplements? The internet saves the day.

Gifts? Bookmark your favourite shops and get gifts sent directly to them. No more fossicking for sticky-tape and age-appropriate wrapping paper. For children, I steal ideas from Wicked Uncle then find them online here but if you are in the UK you can shop there.

Fashion? Just joking, for me its almost all about pyjamas and slippers for my cold, cold feet. Although I did write about what to wear in another post if you are interested. I’ve been a bit let down by the places I’ve bought pyjamas from but I do love my outdoor, hard soled sheepskin boots from Kiwi Sheepkins.  Yes, I may be judged for wearing sheepskin boots outside the house but I’m sure you understand. I’m usually going to the doctor or a friend’s house, not Paris fashion week. The models might be jealous of my cosy, warm toes though. I love those sheepskin boots.

Pet food and treats (there has to be some reward for all that barking at the postman). Instead of lugging heavy bags of dog food home, let the postman do that for you.

Books and music. Do they even sell these in shopping centres any more? I can’t afford all the books I want so I borrow from the library.

Do you miss going to shopping centres or would you gladly never set foot in one again?


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