Wants and desires – stable table

I’m starting a new category of posts – things I desire.

Having spent the best part of a year and half in bed, I’ve wanted one of these for ages. It’s a stable table. Not one of the daggy old brown ones of the 80’s TV ads, but instead come in lovely smart, bright or calming colours. I love this pink gingham one.

At the moment I have collection of pillows, arranged differently for different purposes. A small, rectangular, satiny one to slide underneath my knees. A huge square one to prop behind me when I sit up. A down-filled one for my head and a stiff, smaller square one to rest bowls on.

stable table from Etsy seller EJbutik

stable table from Etsy seller EJbutik

I thought the stable table would be perfect for resting your breakfast bowl on, perhaps a cup of herbal tea, a notebook to jot ideas in or to rest your computer on.  Sturdier than a pillow, more comfortable than a tray or your laptop poking you through the covers. Perhaps I should get one for blogging!

Eating most of your meals in bed is far from ideal, but it’s worse if you find bits of your breakfast in your bed later on. I manage to spill food on myself eating in bed, hopefully this would help…although maybe not.

Maybe my next ‘wants & desires’ post will be something I already have, so I can tell you what it is like!

How do you arrange yourself in bed to be comfortable with everything you need?


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  1. aww! thank you so much! we are so much honored to be here!

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