Sensitive to noise?

How suckful is noise sensitivity. It rules out watching TV, having conversations if there is any background noise, going to…oh, just about anywhere. Even the noise of the engine can bother me.

The worst is sport, with all the background cheering and whistles then the commentating on top. Horrible.  Domayne and Harvey Norman ads. I swear I’m never buying anything from them. Children’s high pitched squealing (sorry mums, I don’t know how you handle it) and thumping, reverberating bass from neighbours or cars. Lawn mowing or leaf blowers mid afternoon, when the rest of the neighbourhood was quiet and I wanted to have a sleep, drove me to distraction. And its not like I could put some music on to drown it out, I just needed *silence*.

There are some pretty awful symptoms when you have chronic fatigue syndrome and not everyone has it. I’m not as sensitive to noise as I used to be, so glad of that! Noise used to hurt me and I’d retreat in the bedroom and be glad I live in reasonably quiet neighbourhood.

Noise cancelling headphones are gold. Beg, borrow or steal a pair if you are travelling.  Or take earplugs. Or both. Things seem more peaceful when there is quiet.

There is a lovely part of yoga nidra that has helped me cope when I just wish there was silence. Concentrate on one noise you can hear, then move your attention to another noise, and another. Then listen to your own breath, the noise the air makes in your nostrils as you breathe in and out. This helps me acknowledge, then move on and focus on what I want to focus on.

What bothers you the most or what helps you tune out the noise? Or do you just thump the ceiling with a broom handle until the neighbours quieten down!



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2 Responses to Sensitive to noise?

  1. I am also sensitive to noise! And right now I live on a busy street near a hospital (read: constant sirens)- sometimes it feels hard to stay sane haha! Trying to focus on breathing and not the noise really helps me! I think the reason I get over stimulated by noise is that I try to focus on ALL the noises at once, making it impossible to focus on anything, so really tuning into that and using my meditation/yoga prowress to focus on one thing at a time makes life a lot easier!

    • Oh no, sirens! It can be really difficult when those noises feel like they are banging on the outside of your head (or at least that is how it feels to me. All the skills yoga and meditation teach us are wonderful, you are right.

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