The bath, for painful days

Imagine huge bath with a beautiful view out across a garden, to a lake with a backdrop of spectacular mountains. I wish I had one like that, or even one outside for hot days. Oooh, and that it had spa jets too.

Here is how I set myself up in the bath for a few hours on days, or even the middle of the night sometimes, when I’m in lots of pain.

– Ensure the bathroom is warm enough while I’m in the tub and for when I get out so my muscles stay warm and relaxed.
– I like dim lighting so there is no light shining in my eyes, its much more restful. Candles are relaxing.
– Add 350 grams of Epsom salts (the magnesium is good for muscles) and maybe a few drops of lavender oil.
– Set up my inflatable pillow with suction caps.
– Put my towel, glass of water and pot of herbal tea within reach (bonus points if someone will bring you a cup of tea while you are in the bath).
– Take painkillers before I get in the bath.
– A book and a handtowel within reach, or set up so I can listen to music or short story podcasts.
– Forget about the world.
– Add more hot water as required.

Is there anything I’ve forgotten? Do you have one of those tables that sit across the bath?

I’m off to have a bath now.

bath tub by a window

photograph by ellyjonez from Flickr


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