Keep your eyes on the prize

Last night I was watching a former prime minister speak and take questions from the audience. The questions mostly came from young women asking for advice. I forget what the question was but Julia Gillard’s answer was “keep your eyes on the prize”.

I’m taking that advice and I’m giving it to you.

What are you spending your time on today? Is it going to help you get better? What I mean is, don’t do the vacuuming if its going to set you back. Instead, go outside and breathe deeply, drink a glass of water and meditate. Don’t work an extra half an hour just to get something finished, do some yoga instead.

Worried about what other people will think? I have another excellent piece of advice from our former PM. “Don’t be held hostage to the view others have of you.” Does someone’s opinion of you matter more than your wellbeing? No. If you are well enough to do something on a particular day, do it. Celebrate it! Conversely, if you can’t manage it, don’t let someone else push you into it.

We have to focus on the long-term here, our prize is our health and we have to make it our priority.

My weakness is browsing the internet, reading news articles, looking at holiday destinations and reading blogs. While that’s fun, its better for me if I just rest. Close my eyes or just gaze out the window and rest.  I know what makes me feel better and I’m pretty good at it, if I do say so myself, but sometimes when I’ve had a run of particularly good days it is tempting to let my diet and rest slide.

Do you have a weakness or do you always keep your eye on the prize?


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