Free books! Sometimes home delivered too.

There is always a pile of books on my bedside table, lovely quiet companions ready to be devoured whole or just a word at a time. I couldn’t afford all the books I want to read so borrowing them is the answer.

If you haven’t joined your local library yet, do it. I love the library and all its books, glorious books.

My local library service has an online catalogue you can search from home, request any book and have it sent to the closest library. The library emails me to let me know when it arrives and I can find it sitting on the reserved shelf under my name so I can scoop up my reserved books, self-check out and I’m done in under five minutes.

book-67049_150If you aren’t well enough to get to the library, some library services deliver. Isn’t that a lovely luxury for those of us stuck at home? You may need a doctor’s certificate but we are so lucky to live in a society that looks after us like that.

Going to the library is a nice ‘beginners’ excursion because it is quiet, there are lots of places to sit down and you don’t have to stay for long. Plus you come home with free books! (Well, you do have return them in three weeks.)

It’s not just books. There are magazines, books on CD, music CDs and DVDs of tv series, documentaries and movies to borrow. There is also a way of borrowing e-books thatI should probably investigate.

What is your local library like?


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