Pets as therapy

Are you at home alone all day or do you have a pet? Right now there is someone snoring in my bedroom and its not me. It is the reassuring little snuffling snore of an old dog.

One of the biggest luxuries for me is spending time with my gorgeous dogs. Someone to cuddle, someone to nap with, someone to sit next to me on the couch. Mine aren’t as big as the dog pictured, so there is still room for me next to them.


There is no talking (plus), some barking (minus) although barking at the postman’s van gives me time to get to the front door in time to sign for packages (plus). All in all, its a positive.

I feel sad that I can’t take them for long rambling walks any more but they have someone else to do that for them. They are mostly happy to hang out with me in a quiet bedroom or sitting outside in the garden.

Cats are probably lovely too, you could share a love of lying in the sun and taking cat naps, plus you wouldn’t feel guilty about not walking them. Although don’t some cats bring you dead mice or lizards as love gifts? I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t want to wake up to a dead mouse next to the bed. Better than a live one though!

If you get cold feet and have an obliging pet, you can stick your feet underneath them to warm them up. My feet are always cold and the dogs don’t seem to mind. A bit of dog fur on my socks is really just extra insulation.

I must also plead guilty to taking a lot of photos of my dogs, usually asleep. Together, sprawled out, stacked on top of each other, in the washing basket or using my ugg boots as a pillow. They are such lovely company and I feel so lucky to have two good old dogs.

Do you have a furry friend keeping you company, or do any pets come and play a therapeutic visit to your place?


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writing from home with my feet up
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