What to wear, my idea of luxury

Spring is here and perhaps, if you are like me, you peruse fashion blogs on your laptop whilst wearing pyjamas.

This spring I’ll be wearing the same things as last spring, my favourite beautifully soft modal and silk t-shirts and t-shirt dresses. I had a few of these Sosume t-shirts before I became ill and back then they were my ‘good’ t shirts, not for lazing around the house and getting dog fur on. I bought the first ones for their eco credentials, I liked that they were made in Australia and then I stocked up once I found how muchI was wearing them.


You know when your skin hurts, your bones ache and you can’t bear anything pressing on you? It’s horrible, isn’t it. I want to tell you that this can magically be solved but I can’t. However these t-shirts won’t add to your woes. I wear mine to bed, under everything when it is cold and with tracksuit pants (I find hipster ones more comfortable), leggings two sizes too big (then they are comfortable on my midriff and long enough to keep my ankles warm) or maternity pants (shhh! the loose stretchy panel means it doesn’t put any pressure on you. Find some nice ones on eBay.) 

Just a warning, the t shirts are somewhat sheer so I usually wear two and I love it when the weather is warm enough just to wear t-shirt dresses. They are unisex, the t-shirts I mean, so blokes can wear them too and while Sosume are an Australian company, I think they ship overseas. Or you might have your own local brands who do something similar. This isn’t a sponsored post or anything, I just love them and wanted to share all the things that make my life easier.

I also have great pyjamas but they don’t make them any more. Bit sad about that, any recommendations for good pjs?

So that’s my tip for you. Do you have any tips about what to wear?


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