Pacing and getting the most out of your day

How do you know when you have done enough without doing too much?

A sports doctor gave me very useful advice: take your resting heart rate first thing every morning.  After a week or so, look at the figures and you will be able to see the lowest figures that will show you what your ‘baseline’ heart rate is (assuming you haven’t overdone it all week). Then you can see when your heart rate is higher than usual and you can reflect on what you have done the day before. The longer you track it, the more interesting the data will be.

If I measure my heart rate in the morning and it is up more than 20%, then I plan to take it easy that day so I don’t get ‘second day’ post exertional malaise.

This works in conjunction with an activity chart so you can review the chart and heart rate to see which activities are pushing you.

So today’s post turned out to be about what is helping me manage myalgic encephalomyelitis, I hope it helps you if you are working on managing your energy levels


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