The reality

Someone’s idea of luxury – staying in bed, having cups of tea made for me, forbidden from working – is actually a kind of imprisonment.

I’ve struggled with it for the past 18 months and this blog was a way to try and look at the positives and talk about the nice things in life. However, as you can see, the blog has lain fallow because it is tough. Very tough.

Now I’m improving and back to try and be more honest.

There are silver linings to this cloud, I have been shown kindness and thoughtfulness which has deepened friendships and cemented a few ones. I’ve developed my own compassion for myself and others. Along the way some relationships have been casualties  and I have mourned them.

What about you? Has something changed your life which impacted your friendships and how you see yourself and others?


About someonesideaofluxury

writing from home with my feet up
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